The Future Isn’t Designed For Pigeons

The fantastic surge of population mingled with demand for real estate space has turned India into a unique country with a unique situation. Cities at the fore such as Bangalore are bearing the brunt of shouldering millions who claim their stake of the pie. Experts say, it was only a matter of time before the eruption of pigeon holes – meaning apartments – made the city look like a concrete rainforest in perpetual chaos.

As the skies fill with smoke, looming apartment complexes line up against the horizon studded with minute apartments that look exactly like pigeon holes. This sight makes one wonder if our existence at the end of the day is reduced to a lit speck in the sky. Where did all the open spaces go? Where did the gardens and the trees disappear? Are we any different from those hapless pigeons looking for constricted survival spots in a strange city on their path to migration?

Human life was meant to be way more special than this. We were born for lungful of fresh air, wind playing with our hair, and abundant open spaces that bestow us breathing space for contemplation, imagination, and innovation. A compromised existence only entrap our souls, preventing us from reaching our true potential. Constrains of space and time play havoc at a level deeper than we have ever imagined.

This is probably why Bengaluru is starting to witness an unprecedented new trend where homebuyers are reconsidering buying apartments for a second time. What’s after all the use of an apartment in a searing skyscraper when it’s in the end just another pigeonhole? More citizens are beginning to realize that’s not the way we were ever meant to live. The next new trend in real estate is therefore a search for greener pastures with open spaces and customizations. Yes, the future is all about plotted development projects designed to revive eternal human rights. Yes, you probably guessed that right! The best investment in property will soon be no other than the best plotted development projects.

Plotted development projects such as Royale Township are generally sprawled over large areas replete with ample greenery, open spaces, and are conceptually closer to the idea of home. They also allow a plethora of customization options where you can build a house the way you always imagined. Here, you are not expected to be another brick in the wall, or another cog in the wheel. You’re not expected to fit in just because the rest are. Isn’t that a very refreshing thought?

The future of a city like Bengaluru is resplendent with mega plotted development projects that will act like micro cities, embracing residents into a rare environment of privacy and bliss. While the residential skyscrapers get closer to the skies, the more sensible and evolved citizens will look for a place closer to the grounds, and closer to the roots of existence where we were born to bask in.

A royal legacy, a royal future.

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