50% Open Space, 100% Life

We are children of open skies. We were born of the open. Openness is our second nature. Children of the wild, tamers of nature, we are highly imaginative spirits who were never born to be enclosed or constricted by space or any other limitations. History shows us how the pursuit of perfect freedom was always the greatest human endeavor from the very beginning of time. Mankind has always been in search of perfect freedom and happiness. And the search continues even to this day. Every homebuyer just asks themselves one question – where does eternal peace live?

The increment of population is undoubtedly making the world a smaller place. The space between every individual is reducing at an unprecedented rate, leaving us no room for privacy, existential equilibrium, and individual breathing space. The world’s walls are closing in on us, leaving us gasping for life and personal space. In the future, it will only get worse. This grim picture is embellished by the rise of residential apartments that have found a way to turn space into a commodity only to be sold to the commoner as a rare entity.

The hardworking citizen is left to live within a concrete jungle devoid of space, sunlight, and air. The place the citizen calls home is only a tall building with no space for children to run and bask in the sun. On the contrary, imagine living in a rainforest abundant with greenery where half the spaces are open and free. It’s a basic architectural fact that open spaces attract sunlight and fresh air. Imagine then how life changing fifty percent open spaces in a residential project can catalyze.

The government mandate of infusing ample open spaces in modern residential projects is backed by substantial reasons – the primary being the enhancement of life’s quality for individuals of every age and creed. Alas, most residential builders conveniently overlook this important mandate and compromise on open spaces to increase profit margins. The prevalence of this unethical and inhuman practice takes a severe toll on the lives of innocent homebuyers looking for peace and tranquility. A residential design devoid of fifty percent open space does quite literally the opposite for the homebuyer.

The best plotted development projects of the near future like Royale Township will ensure fifty percent open space or more to create an experience for residents most real estate builders have failed to deliver. Some of the world’s best architects and designers believe that apartments are not the best way to live. They reduce your productivity, lifespan, and also create havoc in the mind. Although the above claim can be argued, it actually makes sense to think there might be hidden some truth in it. The best investment in property is after all an investment you’re making on yourself.

A royal legacy, a royal future.

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