The Great Indian Rat Race

The famous Indian rat race is a renowned life sport that verily ends with the racers finding their patch of land they can finally call their own. No amount of wealth or recognition can ever bring about a satisfaction akin to owning a home in India. Simply put, it is the end of all achievements for every Indian. Owning a piece of the earth was never so fundamentally important in any other part of the world. The craze of homebuying, in a sense, is therefore a very Indian phenomenon with unclear origins. Some attribute it to our great population while some others blame it on the supreme ambiguity of ownership the British empire left us in.

However, the rat race brings with it an inherent quality of desperation many homebuyers discover themselves in – a peculiar state of perpetual dilemma that inspires millions of homebuyers to take wrong decisions and make bad choices in the pursuit of a good home. A long and arduous journey that only end in lifelong compromises, heartbreaks, and unwise investments. What adds to the conundrum is lack of research and planning peering into the future of Bengaluru’s real estate.

In this utter confusion, most homebuyers end up with enormously costly apartments ensuring a lifetime of repayment. This single bad move prevents most buyers from making other investments over time. The result is disastrous, not just for a single generation but for many generations to come. Apartments with their spectacularly low appreciation rates and resale value cuts out all other golden possibilities from the homebuyer’s life. Therefore, the first investment matters the most for every homebuyer – a decision that can make or break an entire life.

After a little research, every homebuyer will discover a truth about homebuying that can change their perspective forever. The truth is: buying an apartment is the biggest blunder a homebuyer can make especially in a city like Bengaluru. The reasons are infinite and stems not just from basic financial math but from several other important considerations. In other words, it’s an absolute no-brainer. Why waste money buying an apartment when you can get your own land and home for the same price? The best investment in property will be in the form of the best plotted development projects of the future. If any expert is saying anything else, they are either misguiding the homebuyer or aren’t aware of future patterns themselves.

The emergence of plotted development projects to the likes of Royale Township are a fresh new breath of air to the entire philosophy of livelihood. No wonder plotted development projects are selling like hot cakes. They are the next new. Gone is the era of apartments where owning one was considered an attractive bet. The lucrative lure every apartment-maker presented to citizens was only an imagination bubble waiting to burst. And it’s bursting now.

A royal legacy, a royal future.

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